Dark Moon Digest comes out every quarter. It features short stories, flash fiction, reviews, and columns. Obviously, if you want to really know what we publish, we recommend purchasing a previous issue, but here’s a quick breakdown of what we want to see:

  • We strongly encourage work written by authors typically unrepresented in publishing, such as women, people of color, LGBTQ, and those from non-Western cultures. Also, if the previous sentence pissed you off for some reason, then you definitely aren't the kind of author we wish to read.
  • Fiction reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Tales from the Crypt, and Tales from the Darkside. We want stories with complex characters and ideas spun in ways nobody’s ever conceived. Make our brains hurt. Make our hearts explode with love and terror. Make us fear.

Stories we’ve seen far too many times (we’ll keep this updated):

  • a family moves into a haunted house
  • a person is bitten by a mysterious something and is terrorized by the grotesque infection
  • someone gets revenge on a bully (usually in school or a work environment)
  • someone kills someone, but then the murder victim comes back to life for REVENGE
  • a long stretch of words detailing something violent and graphic without an actual plot
  • a serial killer murders someone
  • a husband abuses his wife and the wife snaps and kills the husband
  • a creep molests a child and then the creep is murdered
  • haunted GPSs (stop sending us these)
  • anything involving zombies

Twist endings are perfectly acceptable, but try to avoid the ones I discuss in this article: https://litreactor.com/columns/6-twist-endings-every-writer-loves-that-are-bullshit

There is no deadline for submissions. We do not accept submissions through email or post. We only accept submissions through our Submittable account. Please make sure your story is completely finalized before submitting. Do not submit and immediately withdraw to fix a typo. We won’t reject you because of a typo, but we will think ugly thoughts about you if you submit and withdraw the same file multiple times in a row. Also, we won't reject you if you submit a story in a typewriter font (such as Courier), but it'll certainly make us grumpy. Please specify if your submission is original or a reprint.

Payment: $0.03 per word for original fiction/$0.01 per word for reprints

Word count: 1.5k—7k

Multiple submissions: No

Simultaneous submissions: Yes

Reprints: Yes